About us

The combination of love for the sea, experience in civilian and maritime building and the desire to invent are what Progetto Sviluppo Porti – PSP s.r.l. is all about.

We apply all the knowledge we have gained through in-depth observation of the critical issues which have risen in the past and provide customers with few standard elements and with a wide range of custom solutions. Our products are “work-in-progress” products that we are constantly striving to improve.

By combining handicraft techniques with experience, we are able to design and make everything that cannot be made via standard production. However, we can help you wherever you are in the world.

Ask us to make what you have imagined, even if you believe it is impossible.

Ask us to imagine what you have not thought of and that satisfies your wishes.

PSP Srl: your partner for boating all over the world.



Our company can provide the services listed below:

  1. Designing, constructing, selling and installing pre-fabricated and non pre-fabricated, floating and fixed buildings and structures to be used in ports, docks and mooring areas for general yachting purposes, i.e. jetties, gangways, docks, quays, service facilities, tourist facilities, kiosks (technological facilities included);
  2. Development of new and alternative technologies for boating and coastal infrastructure;
  3. Designing, building and installing tourist ports;
  4. Feasibility studies, preliminary studies, project financing, preliminary designing for yachting infrastructure;
  5. Study of accessibility conditions, climate and sea studies, navigability of seas, lakes and rivers and planning of water itineraries for recreational and tourism-related purposes (or transport by sea in general), including drafting of sailing documents;
  6. Designing, building and installing maritime engineering and coastal infrastructure (bulwarks, barriers, shellfish farming facilities, fish farming facilities, including fish catching facilities, hatching facilities, aquariums, swimming pools, fishing platforms etc).

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Were to find us

The headquarters of Progetto Sviluppo Porti srl are in
in via del Lavoro c/o Piras Carpenterie
09095 Mogoro (OR) - Italy

GPS Coordinates: 8°45’41”E - 39°40’42”N

Tel +39 347 0693856 - Fax +39 347 7824962